Wheelchairs shipped to Ethiopia

Wheelchairs shipped to Ethiopia - yeabemedical

Wheelchairs shipped to Ethiopia

We are excited to share with you Yeabe Medical Center rehab life Ship 40- foot ocean containers approximately 185-250 wheelchair with 3-wheeled hand-powered wheelchairs for those who cannot longer walk due to loos of lib from an illness, birth defects, land mine, polio or war.

Your gifts will give a child opportunity to attend school and receive an education; a family provider can find employment or bring products to market in an effort to provide for themselves and their dependents; beneficiaries can go to church, the marketplace and social gatherings; individuals can travel to local health centers for increased access to needed medical care; recipients have their pride and dignity restored as they are raised to a comfortable level which helps them interact with others.

Your gifts of Mobility will provide these children of God with hand-cranked Mobility Carts, vehicles that allow them to go where ordinary wheelchairs won’t go. This does not cost to the recipient-we reflect the love of God by giving them the Gift of Mobility.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any additional question, please contact.

መሬት የመፏቀቅ ዘመን ያበቃል!

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