Tigist Abebe

CEO/ Founder

Tigist Abebe has been advocating for the health and rights of poor people for nearly 13 years. In 2002 -2003 she volunteered at the World Health Organization’s HIV/ AIDS Department, Tigist led the “3 by 5” initiative, the first global goal for AIDS treatment, which expanded AIDS treatment in developing countries. She has Care Ethiopian clinic in Ethiopia There she met with CrisAid International, hope Ethiopia and victory world church they have been working ever since to deliver high-quality health care to the destitute sick.

Tigist has served as chair of the board since 2008 and served as executive director from 2011 to 2015. Tigist graduated from Texas women’s university Nursing school in December 2002, specializing in Community Health and Health Study. She did her undergrad research in Ethiopia based on HIV and STD with Pact Ethiopia and USAID.

For the last 13 years, Tigist worked with different nonprofit organizations like HOPE Ethiopia, CrisAid going back and forth to Ethiopia and gave medical and health services to the poor who doesn’t have any access. Also, she helped different regions of Ethiopia to have clean water access and built schools for children who couldn’t travel far to get an education. Currently, Tigist is certified-clinical Hemo Dialysis therapy at Emory Healthcare and CEO at Yeabe medical center and rehabilitation.

ESAT TV Tikuret interview with Tigist Abebe ፈታኙን ጊዜ ለመሻገር ያለብን ሀላፊነት