Tigist Abebe

CEO/ Founder

Tigist Abebe is a community-oriented leader, entrepreneur and advocate who serves as an embodiment of vitality to many. For over thirteen years now, she devotes all her time, energy, and compassion, advocating for the health and rights of poor people. In 2002 – 2003, she volunteered at the WHO HIV/AIDS Department where she spearheaded the “3 by 5” initiative – the first global goal for AIDS treatment, which expanded AIDS treatment in developing countries.

Tigist is the lead visionary of Care Ethiopian Clinic – an Ethiopia-based modern healthcare center, where she has since the past thirteen years worked with prominent non-profit organizations in Ethiopia like CrisAid International, Hope Ethiopia and Victory World Church to deliver high-quality medical and healthcare services to the sick and destitute. Moreover, she has also served as chair of the clinic board since 2008 as well as the Executive Director from 2011 to 2015. Tigist is also the founder and CEO of Yeabe Medical Center and Rehabilitation, the country representatives of Yeabe Medical Center Ethiopia. In addition to providing free quality healthcare services, she has also helped residents of different regions of Ethiopia gain access to clean water and built standard schools for children who couldn’t afford to travel far to get an education.

Tapping from her educational background, Tigist is an alumnus of the Texas Women’s University Nursing School, where she earned a degree in Community Health and Health Study in December 2002. Moreover, she carried out her undergraduate research in Ethiopia based on HIV and STD with Pact Ethiopia and USAID. She is currently a Certified Clinical Hemo Dialysis Therapist at Emory Healthcare. Embracing the virtues of sympathy and love, Tigist is friendly and always relates with people in a compassionate manner. She is sought after by both individuals and organizations for her expertise and aptness to project change into the lives of deprived citizens.

ESAT TV Tikuret interview with Tigist Abebe ፈታኙን ጊዜ ለመሻገር ያለብን ሀላፊነት